Connecting Warfighters – Without the Wires

SCI’s wireless intercommunications systems give all users complete freedom of movement throughout the vehicle while maintaining full-scale communications capabilities.

Our Integrated Secure Wireless Intercommunications System (ISWICS) is the only NSA-certified TOP SECRET full-duplex Type 1 wireless communications solution on the market. For applications that do not require secure capabilities, we offer the Integrated Wireless Intercommunications System (IWICS).

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ISWICS and IWICS are fully compatible with FireComm® and TOCNET®, and can integrate with any existing intercommunication system for maximum flexibility (including ICS systems like Andrea, Palomar, Orbit, Esterline, Becker, Cobham, Telephonics, VIC3/4/5 and others).

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SCI’s advanced wireless capability with NSA-certified TOP SECRET security.


SCI’s advanced wireless ICS capability without the NSA-certified security.


Answers to all of your Wireless Intercommunication questions.


Features + Benefits

  • U.S. and foreign patents pending.
  • The only NSA-Certified TOP SECRET Full-Duplex Type 1 secure wireless solution on the market (ISWICS only)
  • TEMPEST-certified (ISWICS only)
  • Adaptability to any platform ICS system
  • Multi-path tolerance
  • Operation from -40° C to +55° C
  • Reliable wireless communication up to 3,700 feet (1 km) from base station
  • 10 million network codes
  • Linking for up to 12 wireless transceivers per base station