Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Integrated Secure Wireless Intercommunications System (ISWICS) system contains a coin-cell battery than enables it to retain its keys for more than a year. That means you’ll never lose your keys when you power off your equipment.

ISWICS is certified for NSA Type 1 communications up to and including TOP SECRET. The certification applies for both voice and data.

ISWICS’ range exceeds 1 km line-of-sight when at full power. However, the transmission strength is selectable for any range up to 1 km based on the needs of your application.

Yes. ISWICS currently accepts AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries.

During our extensive tests with fixed-wing, rotary and vertical-lift aircraft, we have not experienced dropouts. ISWICS’ multi-path wave form makes it highly resistant to dropouts.

No. ISWICS is a peer-to-point system, which means the transceivers require a base station to operate properly. SCI is looking at peer-to-peer capabilities for future projects.

Yes. If the link is lost, simply come back into range. Once you’re back in range, ISWICS will rapidly reacquire the link.