Six Decades and Counting

For more than 60 years, SCI Technology, a Sanmina company, has designed, manufactured, qualified and supported superior products for military and commercial aviation, industrial applications, space-flight programs and ground-tactical defense operations. With capabilities ranging from an experienced, multi-disciplinary engineering organization, to network-centric communications solutions and avionics products, to end-to-end testing, manufacturing and post-delivery sustainment, SCI provides unsurpassed quality, reliability and service to the Defense and Aerospace sector.

SCI is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama—America’s center for Defense and Aerospace excellence, and one of the nation’s leading technology communities.

A Sanmina Company

Sanmina Corporation is a leading electronics contract manufacturer serving the fastest-growing segments of the global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) market. Recognized as a technology leader, Sanmina provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions and delivers superior quality and support to OEMs primarily in the communications, defense and aerospace, industrial and medical instrumentation, multimedia, enterprise computing and storage, clean-tech and automotive technology sectors. Sanmina has facilities strategically located in key regions throughout the world. More information regarding the Company is available at

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team members come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share one common trait — a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Dale Chapman is Senior Director, Global Account Manager at SCI Technology, Inc., in Huntsville, Alabama.

Dale brings more than three years of experience in the Integrated Manufacturing industry. Before joining SCI in 2019, Dale spent the majority of his career with Motorola, as Director of Strategic Sales in the Public Safety Marketplace in North America. Prior to Motorola, Dale was a High School Math teacher and Coach.

Dale was born in England but raised mostly in Chicago, Illinois. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of Iowa. He also earned his Master’s in Business Administration, from Northern Illinois University.

Peter Cianfaglione is Vice President of Operations at SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina Company, in Huntsville, Alabama. Peter is responsible for SCI’s manufacturing operations to include production, manufacturing, quality engineering, and supply chain.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Peter completed an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Ottawa in the Regular Officer Training Program (the Canadian equivalent to ROTC). During and upon completion of his degree, he served in the Canadian Army as a Combat Engineer and Infantry Officer (including service with the Commando in the Canadian Airborne Regiment). He also holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently working towards a PhD in Engineering.

Peter, who joined SCI in 2020, is a graduate of the Canadian Army Command and Staff Course, New Zealand Grade 2 Staff Course and Canadian Joint Command and Staff Programme. He and his wife of 25 years have seven children, two of which are presently serving in the U.S. military.

Robert Cox is the General Manager of Life Cycle Services for SCI Technology, a Sanmina Company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Rob’s background includes 20+ years’ experience in the Commercial and Government Technology Acquisition sectors with concentrations in Program Management, Business Growth, and Customer Service.  He has led and shaped technology solutions for global new product development programs supporting major Defense and Aerospace platforms with scope totaling over $600 million.

Before joining SCI, Rob served as a Portfolio Modernization Director at Abaco Systems, Inc., in addition to leading the Southeastern U.S. and Latin America Regional Sales Team, producing new sales and a customer base valued in excess of $200 million.

Rob served as an Army Acquisition Civilian, specializing in Program Management, for the U.S. Army Product Directorate for Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) and held various positions of increased leadership responsibility as a U.S. Army Officer, including combat service in OIFII with the 18th Airborne Corps.

Rob holds a BS Degree in Commerce and Business Administration from The University of Alabama, and an MBA Degree from Columbia College.

Andrea Hill is Senior Division Controller for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Jana Hudson serves as Administrative Services Supervisor for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Max Klein is the Chief Technology Officer for SCI Technology, Inc. (SCI), a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Dr. Klein is responsible for developing company-wide technology and product roadmaps, and leads the Technology segment for rapidly maturing new technologies into commercial product offerings. Prior to joining SCI, Dr. Klein worked in the Technology Development practice at Exponent in Phoenix, AZ. He was responsible for the creation of RF and electromagnetic test and development capabilities. Dr. Klein led a US Army-funded research and development program resulting in a new ultra wideband electronically steerable ground penetrating radar system for real-time IED detection.

Dr. Klein received his Bachelor of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering and Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He earned his Master of Science and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he was a member of the Space, Telecommunications, and Radioscience Laboratory. He is married and has two sons.

Terrilan Massey works as Senior Human Resources Manager for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina Company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Terrilan has been with SCI/Sanmina since October 1988, when she started on the manufacturing floor. A year later, she transferred to HR as an Administrative Assistant. Terrilan has held many positions in HR, and currently serves as Senior Human Resources Manager, supporting Sanmina’s Defense and Aerospace Systems Division in addition to the Medical Division.

James Mudler is the Senior Director of Business Operations and Systems Build Program Management Office for SCI Technology, Inc. (SCI) in Huntsville, Alabama.

Mr. Mudler joined SCI in 2004 bringing a vast range of professional and personal experience in HR, Business Development, and Program Management to SCI. James has an extensive background in transitioning large scale, multimillion dollar, build to print programs within SCI. He is also responsible for SCI’s Business Operations which include Proposal Development Organization, Finance, and Risk Plans.

Mr. Mudler graduated from SCI Leadership Development Program in 2007 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Finance from the University of West Florida.

David Roeloffs serves as Vice President of Supply Chain Procurement for SCI Technology, Inc., in Huntsville, Alabama. His duties include full Supply Chain responsibility for SCI’s business

Dave brings more than 25 years of professional experience, mostly in Supply Chain for the Defense & Aerospace sector. Notable accomplishments include establishing, streamlining, and enhancing Supply Chain functions to overcome long-term inefficiencies, create well-run operations, reduce costs, and raise customer satisfaction.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering from California Polytechnic State University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Oregon.

Michelle Ross is the Senior Human Resources Manager for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Lori Sabino serves as Senior Director of Contracts for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina Company, in Huntsville, Alabama. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the contracting department to include all aspects of the contract administration life cycle. 

Lori brings more than 30 years of experience in the management of federal government contracts with proven experience in collaborating with the Department of Defense on the resolution of complex contracting issues. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of South Florida.

Mr. Sedgwick is Vice President of Defense and Aerospace Products for SCI Technology, Inc. (SCI), a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama. Mike is responsible for oversight of SCI’s Aircraft and Tactical product organizations including the FireComm®, TOCNET® and AeroGuard® product lines. Mike also works with the Products Management and Engineering teams to ensure focused IR&D investment into innovative, functional and affordable future SCI products.

Mike currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Military Intelligence Officer and previously served as Battalion Intelligence Officer with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and as an Infantry Company Executive Officer with the 82nd Airborne Division. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Steve Young is the Vice President of Product Management for SCI Technology, Inc., a Sanmina company, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Steve has more than 30 years of experience researching and developing mission-critical electrical products and systems. Products from Steve’s teams have won Red Dot, CES Innovation, and IDSA awards for design excellence. Steve has experience working in matrix environments and collaborating with Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, and Supply Chain operations. He has worked with design centers all over the world and has executed product plans with both in-source and outsource engineering teams and supply chains.

Steve is an aviation enthusiast and volunteers his time fundraising for Warbird restorations.

Vision & Values

We serve those who serve by providing innovative products and trusted services that focus on the unique needs of the Defense and Aerospace sector.

We demonstrate value as our customers' premier solution provider with an unwavering commitment to quality and dependability.

We value the power of teamwork as we pursue our common goals.
We build strong relationships by always being dependable and trustworthy.
We demonstrate integrity in everything we do.
We honor all of our commitments.
We treat our associates and customers as we want to be treated.

SCI History

SCI once stood for Space Craft, Incorporated. These days, we’re so much more.

More than 60 years after Olin King founded SCI in Alabama’s booming Rocket City, we proudly embrace our heritage as one of the original contractors to support America’s space industry. We’ve been innovators from the start, creating mission-critical components for historic projects like the Apollo Program and Voyager 2, and partnering with ground-breaking commercial aerospace suppliers to this day.

But space isn’t all we know. Over the last half-century, SCI has earned its reputation as a recognized leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting aircraft systems and tactical communications for a wide variety of military and civilian platforms. Today, as a Sanmina company, we possess unmatched capabilities in integrated manufacturing, depot and repair, obsolescence management and new product introduction.

We’ve been to the moon and back—and everywhere in between. Imagine where we’re going next.


Olin King founds Space Craft, Incorporated in Huntsville, Alabama, the home of Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center.


With the space race raging, SCI contributes to the American effort with work on the Saturn V rocket, which launches the first humans to the surface of the Moon in July, 1969.


SCI begins making components for the U.S. Army’s Pershing missile, as well as the Air Force’s Titan missile.


SCI produces parts for Skylab, the United States’ first space station, which orbits the Earth from 1973 until 1979. SCI also works on Voyager 2, which launches in 1977 and continues to send back data from interstellar space today.


SCI pioneers the concept of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), building personal computers for IBM and an automated toll-collection system for the New Jersey Turnpike.


SCI designs and manufactures core memory units for the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 fighter aircraft.


Following several years of strong growth, SCI ranks among the 500 largest companies in the U.S., and is the world’s largest contract manufacturer.


With a staff of more than 4,300 in Huntsville alone, SCI becomes the largest employer in its home city. By this time, SCI is also Alabama’s biggest company with 31,500 workers and 37 plants in 17 countries.


Sanmina acquires SCI and creates Sanmina-SCI. The new company’s Government Division becomes Defense & Aerospace Systems (DAS), replacing the original SCI branding.


SCI supplies fiber-optic dispensers for HROV Nereus, which dives to the bottom of Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench—the deepest known point in the Earth’s oceans. Reaching a depth of 10,902 meters (35,768 feet), Nereus sends and receives data via its fiber-optic connection throughout the mission.


Sanmina rebrands DAS to SCI Technology, restoring SCI’s link to its original heritage.


SCI continues to design, develop, manufacture and support rugged, reliable, mission-critical systems for all service branches within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Now with more than 60 years of continuous operation in Huntsville, SCI stands ready to serve with a high-capacity, 685,000-square-foot facility on an expansive, 100-acre campus.

Visiting SCI

Visiting SCI

Planning a visit to SCI? Download our Visitor Guide here!

Expect Convenient Hotels
SCI is within easy driving distance of several hotels.

DoubleTree Suites
6000 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35802
Phone: 256.882.9400

SpringHill Suites
745 Constellation Dr, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: 256.881.4170

Embassy Suites
800 Monroe St. SW, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: 256.539.7373

The Westin
6800 Governors West Rd NW, Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: 256.428.2000

Expect Outstanding Restaurants
Huntsville has a thriving culinary scene, with plenty of options for every palette.

D&L Bistro
7500 Memorial Pkwy SW #124, Huntsville, AL 35802
Phone: 256.881.7244

Cotton Row
100 Southside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: 256.382.9500

Connors Steak & Seafood
345 The Bridge St NW #101, Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: 256.327.8425

Expect Convenient Airports
Three major airports are located within 123 miles of SCI.

Huntsville (HSV)
1000 Glenn Hearn Blvd SW, Huntsville, AL 35824
Located 22 miles from SCI

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth (BHM)
5300 Messer Airport Highway, Brmingham, AL 35212
Located 94 miles from SCI

Nashville (BNA)
1 Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214
Located 123 miles from SCI

Expect Security Upon Arrival
All guests must provide a valid ID and will be issued an escort-required badge/day pass. Parcels, i.e. briefcases, handbags, backpacks will be inspected upon entering and departing. Wifi: A guest WLAN service is available. User id and password are available from the front desk security. General Information: Laptops must be signed in. Any photography requires prior approval. Weapons, digital cameras and video recorders are prohibited. Proposed visits involving non-U.S. citizens and proposed meetings where classified National Security information may be discussed must be coordinated with Security. The facility is monitored by video surveillance cameras.