Comprehensive Depot & Test Services

SCI provides cradle-to-grave product life cycle services for the Defense & Aerospace market to include depot, test, logistics, and obsolescence refresh. Our customers benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact, as all services are performed at our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our teams focus on a single, specialized area of expertise, including process, program management, reverse engineering, and supply chain. Additionally, our repair center is located on-site with our flexible manufacturing resources, meaning SCI can offer comprehensive support to every customer.

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SCI offers a wide range of fully integrated Life Cycle Services, from reverse logistics to warranty management and end-of-life support.


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Prioritizing Relationships

SCI’s Life Cycle Services organization combines logistics with repair services and robust supply-chain management for reduced costs and a fully integrated solution. We’ve based our business on a sturdy Information Technology (IT) backbone, implementing universal Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) throughout the facility for a controlled, consistent process. This translates into efficiency on our end, as well as greater value for our customers.

Whether it’s one of our products, or an item from a third-party source, SCI can handle virtually any repair service with unrivalled speed and effectiveness. We use a common tool set throughout our modular process, which gives us maximum flexibility when crafting a custom solution to your unique requirements.

From new startups to corporate giants, companies of all sizes benefit from SCI’s wealth of experience. We place a priority on relationships, investing the time needed to fully understand every customer’s individual goals.

Single Point of Contact

Unlike our competitors, we design, develop, manufacture and support all of our products in a single location—our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. We manage each and every segment of a product’s lifecycle from start to finish, which helps us develop uncommonly strong relationships with our customers.

SCI offers customers the means to repair and test products in a manner that is unmatched by the competition. We develop tests ranging from functional to qualification, with all required testing completed on-site. We deal with a wide variety of end users, managing ITAR-controlled programs and providing test-development services including product qualification and engineering. In addition, SCI is a certified FAA repair center (#9S8R247C).