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With more than 55 years of experience in the Defense and Aerospace sector, SCI offers an unmatched combination of capabilities and expertise to each and every customer. We’re a proven supplier to the U.S. Government, as well as Tier I and II OEMs on major programs.

As a Sanmina company, we have the advantage of a vertically integrated process. This allows us to provide customers with highly reliable repair solutions and after-market services at low costs with fully integrated data and configuration management. With our Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) system, we can track discrete units throughout the entire sustainment process by work center, lot, model, work order, location and process.

Our state-of-the-art test development capabilities enhance coverage and significantly reduce test Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE).

And we do it all in our 685,000-square-foot facility that is fully able to accommodate surge requirements at any moment.

Our primary objective is to help bring our customers’ products to market quickly and efficiently. We guide our customers through the testing, validation and qualification processes, navigating complex technical and regulatory requirements.

Early engagement in the program allows us to utilize our engineering expertise and depth of knowledge to identify potential design challenges and risks. We provide exceptional engineering support services to ensure that our customers’ products perform as required. This helps to reduce both warranty and repair costs, both of which can cause permanent damage to a customer’s brand.

SCI designs test sets for both SCI-designed products and IMS customer products as required. The SCI common test platform was developed to provide a common interface to factory manufacturing personnel and a common starting base for new projects. This approach reduces the NRE required as compared to custom test sets.

Interface Adapters and ancillary equipment are designed to interface new products to the common test platform. Test sets are designed to ensure products are fully tested during ESS, Acceptance Testing, Qualification Testing, and integration testing. Test engineers also ensure Design for Test of the design such as pad sizing and test pads for ICT and boundary scan, and BIT test and fault isolation for functional testing.

Teardown, Test and Evaluation (TT&E)

Standard Repair Services

Overhaul Services

Modification Services

Low Volume Spares production

Yes. SCI’s FAA Repair Station Certificate number is 9S8R247C.
Click here for a full capabilities list, and remember that SCI can add FAA repair capabilities as needed.

SCI tracks customer assets via our Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) system. Every product is scanned into the system, and every step of the process is tracked by work center, lot, model, work order, location and process.

In addition, we have automated the FRACAS process for failure reporting and analysis.

On average, repair/overhaul operations require about 45 days. However, SCI is flexible and can adjust that timeline based on each customer’s needs.

SCI collaborates with each customer to develop a custom solution for obsolescence mitigation. To complete each job, we utilize a proven process that leverages a combination of capabilities.

These include: Proactive Obsolescence Monitoring utilizing Q-STAR & SILICON EXPERTComponent Risk Analysis to include component prioritization and mitigationAlternate PN identification and QualificationLast Time Buy ManagementForm, Fit, Function, Interface (FFFI) redesign solutions

SCI maintains a component engineering team that has access to powerful tools, including Qstar and Silicon Expert, to monitor component life-cycle changes. In addition, we can provide a DMS monitoring service for our own products, or those designed and/or manufactured by a third party. Our team is fully capable of providing redesign for obsolescence.

For specific examples of how SCI has worked with customers to resolve obsolescence issues, please see our collection of white papers.

Yes. In addition to supporting our own products, SCI provides Return Management for third parties. In order to realize better turn time and lower costs, third-party customers have transferred sustainment functions to SCI for the assets that they no longer want to maintain or for items on which they need to obtain cost savings. Additionally, SCI has the ability to reverse engineer and provide test solutions for third-party products on a case-by-case basis.

Yes. SCI is set up to manage the repair and return process for third-party products.

Yes. SCI has developed test solutions for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Harris, GE, Thales and ADTRAN.

  • Flying Probe testing offers a shorter development time (2-5 days) and reduced non-recurring engineering for test fixtures.
  • Compared to In-Circuit Test (ICT), costs are greatly reduced while 90% of test coverage is maintained.

Some other benefits include:

  • High-speed testing of all discrete components including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors.
  • Greater than 10,000 test sequences per minute.
  • IC Open test system for testing open IC leads in bus circuits as well as unsoldered BGA balls.
  • JTAG/Boundary Scan testing.
  • Image processing.
  • Automatic test coverage reports.
  • Six Sigma/Gage R&R evaluation capabilities for quick optimization of test reliability
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO14001 (Environmental)
  • AS 9100C (Aerospace)
  • NADCAP 7120

ESD System:

  • S20.20, CLASS 0
  • ANSI-J-STD 001
  • ANSI-J-STD 001
  • ES (Space Addendum)
  • Certified Trainers and Operators
  • IPC-A-610
  • Class1-3 CMMI
  • Maturity Level 3
  • ITAR Registered & Compliant
  • 100% Security Verifications Visitor/Employee

For new Test Services inquiries, please contact Terri Womack.

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