Whether the platform is an aircraft, a water-borne vessel, or a ground-based operations center, system failure is simply not an option. Just as we at SCI Technology place our trust in the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces to keep us safe, our troops depend on the quality and reliability of our electronic systems for complete mission success.

From the boardroom to the production floor, every detail matters in our line of work. That’s why SCI maintains a constant commitment to creating world-class solutions in support of our military’s mission to safeguard freedom. It’s also why we choose to honor all past, present and future service members with this Hall of Heroes in the heart of our facility. As we go about our jobs each day, we offer our sincere thanks for each and every soldier’s sacrifice, and pledge to give our best on every aspect of every project.

At SCI, taking care of our troops is more than just our business. It’s our calling.