Protect Civilian & Military Airspaces from Drone Threats

SCI’s Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) capability safeguards your airspace and what’s inside it by capturing and removing intruding drones safely, rapidly, and autonomously.

In today’s evolving security environment, a single Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can endanger civilians, ground forces, and critical infrastructure. 

As commercial UAVs become increasingly capable, inexpensive, and adaptable, defense and security professionals face a massive challenge in preventing these aircraft from causing damage in protected airspaces.

To counter the full spectrums of threats, SCI offers AeroGuard for the different needs of military and civilian environments.

Discover AeroGuard

AeroGuard captures and removes intruding drones, and disposes of them in a pre-defined location.


Learn more about SCI’s Counter-UAS capabilities by downloading our AeroGuard brochure today.


Fully Autonomous

From launch to landing, AeroGuard is "set and forget," which removes decision delay. Man-in-the-loop option is also available.

Preserving Evidence

AeroGuard preserves evidence and other vital information post-capture. Directed Energy and Kinematic Hard Kill methods destroy vital information.

Always In Control

AeroGuard has ultra-low collateral damage, unlike Directed Energy and Kinematic Hard Kill -- which leave uncontrolled damage and injury.

Dangerous Payloads

AeroGuard removes dangerous payloads to a pre-determined safe location, unlike Signal Interruption and Directed Energy.

Speed Counts

AeroGuard responds automatically in seconds and has an ultra-high top speed. Other net-capture options wait to intercept, but AeroGuard is ready at a moment's notice.