AeroGuard is SCI Technology’s fully autonomous, rapid-response Drone Interdiction System that captures and disposes of any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) threat described under FAA Part 107 regulations.

In today’s evolving security environment, a single UAV is all it takes to pose a new danger to civilians, law enforcement and ground-based security systems. But with AeroGuard, SCI is countering The 3D Threat.

The 3D Threat

Legacy security systems are highly capable of addressing threats in two dimensions. But what about the space above us?

With their ability to simply fly over traditional security measures, UAVs are emerging as an unpredictable and potentially harmful threat to people and property. From innocent mistakes to nefarious activities to acts of terrorism, some drones are already being used to disrupt society.

But while 2D security is powerless to deter weaponized UAVs, AeroGuard stands ready to stop this new 3D threat.

Every Second Counts

Studies estimate that counter-drone systems have less than 20 seconds to respond to and neutralize drone threats. That’s why SCI designed AeroGuard with an extremely quick response time and an ultra-high top speed. AeroGuard is fully capable of stopping any threat covered under FAA Part 107 regulations.

With an intercept and towing capacity of greater than 55 pounds, AeroGuard is ideal for protecting against large threats like IEDs that could impact outdoor gatherings such as sporting events or concerts. AeroGuard is also capable of preventing contraband smuggling in places like prisons and border protection areas.

Capture + Remove

Unlike other counter-drone methods, AeroGuard automatically captures intruding drones in-flight and disposes of threats away from civilian-occupied areas. This approach virtually eliminates the possibility of collateral damage.

To provide further protection from weaponized drone payloads, AeroGuard can place a captured target in a bomb-disposal container away from the protected area.

Features + Benefits

  • Capable of neutralizing the full spectrum of threats under FAA Part 107 regulations.
  • Ideal for protecting large outdoor gatherings such as sporting events and concerts from multiple simultaneous threats.
  • Designed to prevent contraband smuggling and Intellectual Property (IP) piracy.
  • No illegal RF jamming to interfere with cell phones, WiFi or any other legal communications systems.
  • Fully controlled disposal away from protected area, virtually eliminating the probability of collateral damage.
  • Ultra-high top speed and extremely fast response time.
  • Civilian-friendly, unobtrusive operation.
  • Integrates with existing security measures and a wide variety of detection systems including radar, EO/IR, acoustic and other emerging technologies.
  • Fully automatic operation or human in the loop.
  • Size/weight of captured target can be conveyed in-flight immediately to the security team.
  • Ground Control Station and Interceptor feed integrate into existing CCTV systems.
  • Interoperable with authorized aircraft.
  • Fully automatic charging with rapid, unskilled reloading operation.
  • ITAR-free, ECCN 9A991.b.
  • U.S. and foreign patents pending.

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