A Heritage of Ingenuity. A Formula for Innovation.

A million-dollar idea is only the start. In today’s crowded technology marketplace, resources are what turn inspiration into reality.

That’s what makes SCI Technology a trendsetter in crafting end-to-end technical solutions, from design and development to manufacturing and final delivery. As Space Craft, Incorporated, SCI proudly embraces its intellectual heritage as a trailblazing innovator. And as a division of Sanmina, we have the corporate muscle to back that up.

Thanks to this strategically advantageous relationship with our parent company, SCI has all the attitude and agility of a startup, along with the full backing and resources of a vibrant, $6.4 billion Fortune 500 corporation. We leverage that support aggressively as we partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs to incubate the innovations that power our modern world.

At SCI, we’re bridging the gap from prototype to production. Just consider us Venture Technologists for a new millennium.

AeroGuard is SCI Technology’s autonomous, rapid-response drone interdiction system that stops any threat under FAA Part 107 regulations.


SCI’s unique precision-winding technique for fiber-optic cables allows for a full range of trouble-free payout speeds, from slow to supersonic and everything in between.


Our New Technology team works constantly to develop innovative technologies that make a difference in the real world.


Engineering is all about innovation. Which is exactly why SCI makes it such a priority.


SCI’s Co-Op Program is always looking for qualified students to join our team.


Answers to all of your New Technology questions.


Technology to Shape the Modern World

With every successful partnership, SCI continues to assemble an ultramodern test-engineering lab with all the high-tech gear we need to guide your idea from brainchild to final product. And that’s great news for the customers we haven’t even met. As Venture Technologists, we’re at our best when we have all the latest tools of the trade at our disposal.

Our state-of-the-art 3D printers allow us to construct high-precision prototypes with maximum speed and accuracy. And our cutting-edge photographic capabilities deliver invaluable test results in exceptional high-speed detail. Coupled with our robust on-site manufacturing assets, these are just a few of the tools that make SCI a recognized leader in New Product Introduction (NPI).

New technology holds the power to shape the world around us. What can SCI create for you?