Every Mission. Every Environment. Every Time.

In the field of tactical intercommunications, failure is never an option. Clear, reliable connections are critical for success, wherever the mission takes you—and whatever it sends your way.

For more than 20 years, SCI Technology has designed, developed, manufactured and supported superior tactical intercommunications solutions for a wide variety of applications. From Korea to Afghanistan and everywhere in between, our battle-tested TOCNET product line provides modern warfighters with the full-scale communications capabilities they depend on for success—every mission, every environment, every time.

With superior capabilities and adaptable, future-proof technology, TOCNET-Generation 4 is SCI’s most advanced Unified Voice Management System to date.


For maximum modularity and flexibility, SCI offers a comprehensive range of TOCNET engineering solutions.


SCI designs, develops, manufactures and supports TOCNET in a single location in the United States—our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.


TOCNET has a rich heritage with more than 20 years of service time across all branches of the DoD.


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Intercommunication. Unified.

TOCNET® isn’t just another tactical intercommunications system. It’s the Unified Voice Management System (UVMS) of choice for a wide variety of defense applications, delivering full-scale tactical communication with unmatched capabilities in a single, off-the-shelf digital intercom platform.

Maximized Capabilities

Battle-tested and proven, TOCNET has logged more than a decade of service time in the most demanding tactical environments from Korea to Afghanistan. SCI Technology’s flexible, fully integrated hardware and software offer unrivaled interoperability, while TOCNET’s intuitive design maximizes capabilities and reduces training time.

Widely Fielded, Powerfully Advanced

TOCNET is the military intercom of choice, with 100,000 solutions throughout the Department of Defense. And it’s easy to understand why. By leveraging SCI’s advanced digital intercommunications architecture, TOCNET provides a powerful, dynamic intercom platform that’s expandable, upgradable and customizable for your unique mission-specific needs.

Designed for Today, Equipped for Tomorrow

TOCNET’s extensive capabilities include bridging, cross banding and conferencing of various disparate assets such as radios, phone lines, VoIP and network IP. With significant Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) advantages, TOCNET represents the most cost-effective solution on the market. SCI continues to lean forward through targeted investments in new technologies, ensuring that TOCNET is equipped to meet the ever-changing communications needs of today’s modern warfighter.

Made in America

SCI designs, develops, manufactures and supports TOCNET in a single U.S. location—our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. We manage each and every segment of the product life cycle from start to finish, which allows us to develop uncommonly strong relationships with our customers and offer an unsurpassed quality of service.

TOCNET Operational Benefits

  • TOCNET can function as a standalone VoIP gateway or seamlessly integrate with your existing system
  • No recurring license fees
  • Certified for operation on government networks, mitigating the risks associated with ever-changing Information Assurance requirements
  • Non-ITAR export classification / ECN 5A991
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol)
  • Radio bridging, cross banding and patching
  • Voice cross banding
  • Mil-Std 810, Mil-Std 461, Mil-Std 1275