TOCNET-C (Legacy)

TOCNET®-Classic (TOCNET-C) was where it all began — SCI Technology’s original networked, off-the-shelf digital tactical intercommunications system for a wide variety of mission-critical applications.

Battle-tested and proven in every branch of the U.S. Armed Services, TOCNET-C featured outstanding customization, interoperability and reliability for full-scale intercommunications in the most demanding tactical environments.

With advanced hardware and flexible, software-defined architecture, TOCNET-C was ideal for applications requiring a feature-rich product directly out of the box. With broad capabilities for linking tactical ground, air and vehicle assets, TOCNET-C was the tactical ICS solution of choice for intercom projects throughout the Department of Defense.

As a fully digital system, TOCNET-C allowed for bridging, cross banding and conferencing of various disparate assets such as radios, phone lines, VoIP and network IP.

The heritage of TOCNET-C continues today in TOCNET-G4, SCI’s most advanced tactical unified communications system to date. Click here to learn more about TOCNET-G4.


TOCNET-V (Legacy)

Following the successful launch of TOCNET (later called TOCNET-C), SCI developed TOCNET-V for applications requiring full-scale communications on the move.

In the unpredictable environment of mobile tactical operations, success can turn into failure in the blink of an eye. With the mission at stake, communication is critical and reliability is essential. That’s where TOCNET-V offered a vital edge—delivering full-scale communications capabilities wherever the mission might lead. Battle-tested and refined, TOCNET-V provided superior solutions for the complex operational requirements of existing and emerging vehicle platforms.

Ideal for any vehicular environment, TOCNET-V was highly reliable and functional. After successfully deploying TOCNET-C, SCI leveraged its extensive operational heritage in Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs) and other systems to place TOCNET-C’s capabilities in a package suitable for vehicle-borne applications.

During its long service life, TOCNET-V was selected to serve in thousands of tactical vehicles throughout the Department of Defense, providing clear intercommunications to both in- vehicle operators and off-platform warfighters networked together. SCI’s rugged, waterproof packaging was designed to give users uninterrupted communications under any conditions, and on any mobile platform.

The heritage of TOCNET-V continues to this day in TOCNET-G4, SCI’s most advanced tactical unified communications system to date. Click here to learn more about TOCNET-G4.