Everybody knows that first impressions are everything. But here at the all-new SCI Blog, we believe they’re not the only thing.

Over the years, we’ve learned that maintaining strong relationships – with our customers, our suppliers, our coworkers and our neighbors – is essential to the way we do business. As you might already know, our business is serving our country and safeguarding the world through the products and services we provide to the Defense & Aerospace sector. For us, it only makes sense to work toward accomplishing this mission by building strong relationships.

After all, the better we know the people we work with – and the better they know us – the better off we all are.


Why An SCI Blog?

That brings us to the reason we’re starting the SCI Blog. Sure, we already have a website full of content about SCI’s wide range of products and services. But we can do more. With this blog, our goal will be to produce content that helps you get to know us even better. In return, we’ll aim to produce content that is valuable to you – our customers, our suppliers, our coworkers and our neighbors.

Sometimes, that content will be a traditional article like this. Sometimes, it could be a video about one of our products or an event we’re attending. Sometimes, it might be an interview with a subject matter expert, or a bit of commentary about a story that is relevant to our industry.

All of the writers will be SCI employees. And if you do business with us, you might just recognize one of your contacts on the byline. So check back from time to time. We’ll be hoping to make a good first impression. And hopefully nurture some lasting relationships.

In the meantime, be sure to watch our video below to learn more about SCI.