Did you know that SCI Technology has a new counter-drone program? It’s called AeroGuard. And more precisely, it’s a Drone Interdiction System.

Designed, developed and produced by SCI’s New Technology segment, AeroGuard made its debut earlier this month at InterDrone in Las Vegas. So what exactly does it do?

AeroGuard is a fully autonomous Drone Interdiction System capable of neutralizing any threat covered under FAA Part 107 regulations. It has an ultra-high top speed, extremely fast response time, and an intercept and towing capacity of greater than 55 pounds. With all that in mind, we’re pretty confident when we say: We Stop Drones.

Be sure to watch the video below, which highlights the public debut AeroGuard at InterDrone. While you’re at it, visit the New Technology segment’s homepage and WeStopDrones.com. And keep reading for a sneak peek at some of the content we’ve been developing to support the program.

AeroGuard at InterDrone SCI TV from SCI Technology on Vimeo.

AeroGuard Stops The 3D Threat

With the widespread availability of commercial UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), a new threat is emerging. The threat is unpredictable and potentially harmful to both people and property. From innocent mistakes to nefarious activities to acts of terrorism, some drones are already being used to disrupt society.

Legacy 2D security is powerless to stop weaponized UAVs. But AeroGuard stands ready to stop The 3D Threat.


Every Second Counts

According to the Department of Homeland Security, counter-drone systems have less than 20 seconds to respond to drone threats. That’s why SCI designed AeroGuard with an extremely quick response time and an ultra-high top speed.

With an intercept and towing capacity of greater than 55 pounds, AeroGuard is idea for protecting against large threats such as IEDs that could impact outdoor gatherings like sporting events and concerts. AeroGuard is also capable of preventing contraband smuggling in places such as prisons and border protection areas.


Capture + Remove

Unlike other counter-drone systems, AeroGuard automatically captures intruding drones in-flight and disposes of threats away from civilian-occupied areas. This approach virtually eliminates the possibility of collateral damage.