Integration, Final Assembly And Qualification Testing To Meet Customer Needs

When a customer needed a facility that could perform final assembly and qualification test of a redesigned YIG Filter for the HAWK Missile system, SCI Technology was uniquely equipped to do the job.

With decades of experience as a leader in Depot & Test Services, SCI is uniquely positioned to perform integration, final assembly and qualification testing. Where other companies need to outsource qualification testing, SCI maintains a wide array of Environmental and EMI Qualification test capabilities that are co-located with its staff of Process Engineers, Test Engineers, Test Technicians and Production Specialists.

Thanks to this distinctive combination of capabilities, SCI represented the ideal solution for HAWK’s needs. What can SCI do for you?

Final Assembly and Test Highlights:

  • While performing Final Assembly for the customer, SCI was able to identify and troubleshoot issues with the newly designed YIG Filter. SCI engineers and technicians worked side-by-side with the customer, aided in debug efforts and performed corrective actions that prevented taking an inferior unit to test.
  • SCI’s Process Engineer worked closely with the customer’s lead engineer to ensure that fabrication, assembly and integration were successfully documented and accomplished in accordance with specifications.
  • SCI’s Test Engineer and Test Technician ensured that the product successfully met the requirements of the customer’s Fabrication, Assembly, Integration and Test (FAIT) Environmental Test Plan.