Reducing Costs and Improving Turnaround Time

In order to realize cost savings, GE contracts with SCI™ Technology to maintain Circuit Card Assemblies for GE locomotives. This agreement provides GE with a lower cost solution for replacing legacy CCAs with new production items that are more costly than repairs.

SCI has partnered with GE to maintain a repair capability for SCI-produced CCAs, as well as for CCAs made by other suppliers. Continued demand for the legacy CCAs and growing obsolescence at the component level have made it more costly to procure spares than to maintain a repair capability with a trusted supplier. Additionally, SCI gave GE a solution for sending products back to overseas suppliers for repair, greatly reducing turnaround time.

Repair Capability Highlights:

CCA repairs on average cost 75% less than a new CCA and even less if Non-RecurringEngineering (NRE) is required to redesign the board for obsolescence. Quick turnaround time for repairs no matter where the CCA was produced.