Creating Solutions Where None Existed Before

When outdated components threatened to ground one of America’s veteran airfighters, SCI™ Technology kept the F-15 Eagle flying high. The scenario was simple, if not exactly straightforward. Ongoing demand to support the F-15 C and D had become problematic due to parts-obsolescence issues involving the aircraft’s Integrated Communication Control Panel (ICCP). But like many outdated components, the existing ICCP units couldn’t be modernized just anywhere. The proper facilities and capabilities no longer existed, potentially creating an unworkable problem.

But not for SCI. To resolve a tricky situation, we designed a drop-in replacement unit based on FireComm®, our state-of-the-art aircraft-intercommunications platform. The results were impressive.

With the FireComm-based solution in place, the upgraded ICCP now boasted several new features while retaining the legacy unit’s original form, fit and function. Fully compatible mounting and wiring ensured no physical impact for the aircraft and rendered the transition seamless for pilots and support personnel.  And most importantly, the upgraded F-15 C and D aircraft remain in the skies, fully equipped to safeguard American interests for years to come.

Refresh highlights:

  • New LED displays (to replace existing incandescent displays)
  • Additional modes for radio options
  • Full preservation of form, fit and function, including the location of existing knobs and switches
  • No physical impact to the aircraft via the usage of existing mounting and wiring
  • Additional radio interfaces for usage with newer, digitally controlled radios
  • Reduced unit weight and power
  • Increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Enhanced Built-In-Test