Creating A Solution Where Test And Repair Capabilities Did Not Exist

When a supplier unexpectedly left the market, demand for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle’s Turret Drive Controller Unit (TDCU) and Position Indicator Box (PIB) quickly became problematic. But even though the proper test and repair capabilities didn’t exist, SCI Technology created an entirely new solution to keep the Bradley Fighting Vehicle going strong.

With the legacy supplier out of the picture, the TDCU and PIB were left without a source for supply and post-delivery sustainment. To fix the problem, SCI formed strategic partnerships with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the supplier of the TDCU and PIB.

SCI invested to become the sole Life-Cycle Sustainment provider of both the TDCU and PIB.

SCI’s roadmap for success:

Strategic alignment with valued customer:
  • Invested to become sole Life Cycle Sustainment provider of TDCU and PIB
  • Negotiated and acquired Technical Data Package, test equipment and manufacturing rights, enabling sole-source manufacturing status
  • Hired experienced test engineers and enhanced test capabilities
  • Established Field Service Repair Team

Benefits of SCI entering the market space:
  • Prime switched from another supplier to SCI for repair and qualification services
  • New collaboration with Bradley Fighting Vehicle OEM in support of next-generation redesign to resolve obsolescence
  • Reduced sustainment and manufacturing costs and improved Turn Around Time (TAT)

As the Bradley Fighting Vehicle case showed, SCI is uniquely positioned for next-generation manufacturing and life-cycle sustainment of both the TDCU and PIB.