Designing And Producing A Test Solution With Quality And Speed

With decades of experience as a leader in Depot & Test Services, SCI Technology is capable of designing and producing test solutions with unmatched quality and speed. In the case of the T/AV-8B Harrier, creating a custom, low-cost solution took a matter of weeks—thanks to SCI’s Standard Test Set.

Originally developed in the 1980s, the T/AV-8B relies on some components that have outlived their test sets. So when the legacy test set for the jet fighter’s Auxiliary Communications, Navigation, and Identification Panel (ACNIP) went down, SCI faced a potential problem. But even though replacements were unavailable, the SCI Test Engineering team came up with an effective solution based on SCI’s Standard Test Set.

Designed to accommodate up to 10 standard tools (test and measurement cards), SCI’s proven test set utilizes a low-cost motherboard and low-cost COTS card cage with a custom backplane. By employing the Standard Test Set, SCI consistently reduces costs and shortens the schedule of the development cycle from start to finish.

For ACNIP and the T/AV-8B, fabricating a replacement test solution took only a few weeks. With ACNIP’s new test set in place, the Harrier was quickly back to full strength—and it was all thanks to the SCI’s unsurpassed Depot & Test Services expertise.

In addition to developing a solution for ACNIP, SCI was able to use the same test set for an unrelated product. To accomplish this, Test Engineering designed and built an adapter board so the ACNIP test set could test an audio card for the Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF).

Refresh highlights:

  •  SCI replaced a test set that could not be repaired
  • New test set can be used to test other products
  • Also can be improved as standard boards are improved
  • SCI applied the experience to other test sets