Developing A New Support Structure In The Absence Of Documentation

No support and inadequate documentation—no problem for SCI Technology’s Depot & Test Services.

One of SCI’s major customers faced a setback in their test lab when the original vendor stopped supporting the ARINC-629 test card, a component on the 777 airliner. Making matters worse, the only documentation available was a hard-copy schematic and board layout. Over the years, the customer had tacked design changes onto the existing boards, but the alterations were never formally captured and documented. Now the boards were failing and the customer desperately needed to replace them.

The customer approached SCI’s Test Engineering to duplicate the existing design and incorporate the changes that the customer had made. SCI readily accepted the challenge and went to work reproducing the schematic and artwork.

Now in progress, the updated design will allow SCI to build, test and deliver 45 new test boards. In addition, SCI will provide a complete set of soft-copy documentation, so that if future changes are needed, or new boards need to be fabricated, it becomes a Build-to-Print operation.

As the ARINC-629 case showed, SCI stands ready to meet any customer need.