A Tailored Solution For Unique Requirements

With its impressive combination of speed and power, the Block II AH-64 Apache helicopter represents one of the U.S. Army’s most valuable air-combat assets. But even with the best rotary aircraft, component redesign is sometimes a necessity.

That’s where SCI Technology excels—providing unmatched services and support for a comprehensive range of Depot & Repair operations. And the case of the AH-64 was no different.

When ongoing war efforts required a design refresh in order to continue supplying the Apache’s processors, SCI took on the job and delivered an effective solution tailored precisely to the customer’s unique needs. Following our redesign, two System Processors and two Weapons Processors provide proven flight and mission-critical functions for aircraft-system control and weapons-system management to the Apache helicopter.

Critically, our redesign maintained all the key features of the legacy Block II processors while improving on several others:

  • Redundant processor system
  • PowerPC 755 CPU with more memory
  • Intelligent IO system with additional discrete, analog and serial digital signals
  • Dual-ported fibre channel @ 1 GBit with deterministic enhancements
  • Base-10/100 Ethernet interface
  • I/O channels with 250Hz update rate
  • Comprehensive Built-In-Test
  • Forced-air cooling for -40°C to +71°C operation / 30 minutes without cooling
  • Mix of ceramic military and plastic industrial temperature parts
  • VxWorks Real Time OS
  • 56 watts and 16 lbs

When the customer needed help overcoming a challenge, SCI answered the call with an ideal solution to keep the Apache in the sky. What problem can we solve for you?