Fully American, From Start to Finish

SCI Technology designs, develops, manufactures and supports TOCNET® in a single U.S. location—our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. We manage every segment of the product lifecycle from start to finish, allowing us to develop uncommonly strong relationships with our customers and offer an unsurpassed quality of service.

Serious Support

SCI backs TOCNET with a full-time technical-support team and help desk, so professional assistance is never more than a phone call, text message or email away. We also provide continuous software updates, frequently at no additional cost, to keep your system up-to-date with all the latest functional requirements.

On-Site Expertise

TOCNET’s full-time support team works in the same facility as our software and hardware developers. That’s how we respond to your technical questions so quickly—typically diagnosing and resolving problems within 1 to 2 days.

Our team has decades of experience providing extraordinary support to TOCNET customers via on-site integration assistance, problem resolution, system set-up, system configuration and user training. The same level of support also extends to potential TOCNET customers who are evaluating a TOCNET-based solution for their communications requirements.

Productive Partnerships

Thanks to cooperative working arrangements with other providers of communications gear, SCI maintains a complete TOCNET integration lab that replicates virtually every piece of equipment found in a command center or vehicle—including all commonly used tactical radios. These productive partnerships allow us to replicate and resolve a customer’s problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

To contact the TOCNET Support Team, send an email to TOCNET.Support@sci.com