Brigette Honey

We Are SCI

Growing up in North Alabama, Brigette Honey developed a love for all things outdoors – from hunting to fishing to simply getting her hands dirty. And thanks to her father, she learned to change a tire and check the oil in her car at an early age.

You know, all the standard girly girl stuff.

“My daddy didn’t raise a wimp, is what I always say,” Brigette says with a laugh.

But that’s no joke at all. Rather than wimpiness, Brigette exudes determination while tackling whatever challenge she’s currently taking on.

As a Program Manager with SCI, Brigette oversees the company’s business with partners like Lockheed Martin, BAE and Tyonek. Before that, she was a Manufacturing Engineer, developing critical processes for coatings and ruggedization.

And before that, she earned her degree in Aerospace Engineering while staying home with her kids. All five of them.

“In Program Management, you always have some new challenge,” Brigette says. “If I want my program to go down this path, I have more say over that in Program Management – more so than in engineering.”

“In Program Management, you always have some new challenge.”

All of which fits together nicely for a self-described control freak. But Brigette is also friendly and talkative, which dovetails perfectly into her current role.

“The people here (at SCI) are friendly and easy to work with – they’ll help you wherever they can,” she says. “And our customers are easy to get along with. Especially mine right now – they’re there to help.”

“Brigette is able to leverage her knowledge from her role in SCI engineering to successfully engage with and drive manufacturing, while monitoring and maintaining program labor budgets and standards,” says Program Management Manager Michael Kahalley. “She has filled a key role with the Tyonek, BAE, and Lockheed Martin IMS accounts by taking customer requirements and driving them straight in to the manufacturing process, ensuring on time delivery and customer satisfaction.”

Away from work, Brigette enjoys crafty activities like baking and decorating cakes. She also posts on Pinterest, plays dress-up with her daughter, and spends time at the baseball diamond watching her boys in action. Coincidentally, her father, Robert Sentell, also works for SCI as a Senior Test Engineer and serves as Mayor of Gurley, Alabama.