Cary Bone

We Are SCI

Those who know Cary Bone know that he’s a man of many talents – and projects. As it turns out, some knew it before anyone else.

“I remember when I was coming up, my grandmother told me, ‘Cary, I can see it, you’re going to be a jack of all trades, master of none,’” Cary says. “I didn’t quite catch it at the time, but I understand what she was talking about now.”

It’s just a guess, but Cary’s grandmother might have been talking about work ethic. In order to be labeled a jack of all trades, a person needs to be working on something – anything, really – almost all the time.

That’s a description that evidently fit Cary in the past. And it certainly still fits today.

Whether he’s at home in his workshop, or on the job with SCI’s TOCNET team, Cary can usually be found working on – and often mastering – one project or another. Each one is likely to be different than the one before it, from beekeeping, to growing his own food, to wood turning, just to name a few.

Balancing Duties

For some people, projects like these might seem like a drain on their time. But for Cary, it’s simply a case of putting his time to good use. Like when he had some trees cut down on his property last year:

“I gave some of it to my dad as firewood, but then I thought, wait a minute, I could take some of this firewood and turn that into something useful,” he says.

Some of that firewood turned into another project: Antique-style pepper mills carved on a lathe and finished with Cary’s own hands. Not bad for a guy who only took up the hobby last spring – and who also balances out all the projects with family time as a husband and father of two sons.

“Everything that we do, especially with our TOCNET system, is tied to our customers’ mission success.”

Top-Tier Support

That same resourcefulness translates to SCI, where Cary serves as Support Manager for TOCNET. He’s responsible for coordinating the day-to-day activities of the TOCNET Support team including trade shows, in-house training, on-site training and customer support.

“Cary is a fantastic employee who helps set the standard of a high-quality work ethic that puts our military customers first,” says Kevin Duke, SCI Vice President of Tactical Systems. “In both his personal and professional life, Cary is always pressing himself to expand his knowledge and experience in a wide variety of subjects and activities. He then carries that over to our larger team with a commitment to always improve – enabling us to offer world-class products and support.

Top-tier support is especially important with TOCNET, Cary says, because of who uses the product – and why they use it.

“Everything that we do, especially with our TOCNET system, is tied to our customers’ mission success,” Cary says. “So I really feel that it’s in our best interest to ensure that they are receiving quality support, because a down system could literally be the difference between mission success and mission failure.”

Of course, providing quality support is a direct function of working with a strong group. Specifically, Cary points to Ken Eichman, John Adams and Greg McClain as “cornerstones” of the TOCNET support team.

“They have years of experience. They have the demeanor needed to work through complex issues without getting emotions involved. And not only that, but they also have such a drive to deliver a quality product,” Cary says. “And outside of the support team, our PMs, the software developers, test engineering, that really resonates through.”